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Nothing special, it's just me
I've actually had the time to spend on writing this week, and it has been wonderful! Husband is gone on a business trip and the munchkin is in school. I've let the house work go to hell and I've not felt bad at all. After I lost my job, I went through a little depression state. I let months go by without focusing on anything, but that period in my life has ended. I'm making plans and setting a path forward. Writing will play a main part in my new effort.

Dragon Con is coming, and I am totally excited about it. I get to see old friends and make new ones. But it's not only about meeting up with people I know, it's about the energy. Dragon Con pulls together an eclectic array of personalities, each contributing to a vibe that is so strong, that you can physically feel it in the air. It's exciting and extremely powerful, providing a plethora of ideas for a writer to pull from. Not to mention getting to see personalities that make you go 'weeeeeeee' inside.

There are two more weeks before the fun starts. Two weeks in which I need to finish the first draft of my book. Two weeks was the deadline that I had set myself at the end of the school year. Little did I know what my summer would be like; spending it with a six year old boy. Since this would be my first year doing so, I've cut myself some slack. In other words, I got squat done, but I'm turning a new page and I hope to be on track again soon. 

I've been trying extremely hard to work towards finishing the first draft of Alex's story. Alex is Alexandra Blackstone, aka, Blackstone wolf: hunter. I'm 40,0000 words in, basically a third of the way into the storyline, and moving on. I'm trying not to spend valuable time researching stuff every minute when I run into a problem, instead, I am using a technique Laurell Hamilton suggested. Every time I hit a snag, I simply capitalize the part, highlight it, and keep moving. I can clean the problems up during the second draft. I've got to get her story on paper first, then I'll clean it up. I believe Ms. Hamilton mentioned the 70:30 rule regarding a first draft. Seventy percent will be crap and thrity percent will be gold. The second draft is for cleaning up the 70% of crap and turning it into gold. It sounds funny, but I believe she is correct. So, now that I've greased up the thinking tool, it's time to go. Talk later.  


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